Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Time of the Year

There's something about an Autumn day. Stiff maple leaves cover the sidewalks and blow around in the wind. I never step on them. I kick them and watch them fly through the air. Then the wind freezes your nose and ears and you come inside for a cup of tea or hot chocolate and read a book. That's the life right there. For me, at any rate. My darling brothers would say that "the life" is an endless stream of Mountain Dew and something on the X-Box, but that's why I am writing this post instead of them.

It's nice to enjoy a moment or two of God's creation between writing term papers, studying for midterms, working a part-time job, and cleaning your bedroom (Guess which one usually gets forgotten. Yeah.). He really likes it when you look at what He made and say, "Wow!" I know He likes this, because if He wanted us to take it for granted, he would have made everything in some ugly, dull color. Or not let us see at all. I look out my window and see hills covered with evergreen trees, orange maples, a red house... Colors everywhere!

You know why He gave us these colors? For us to enjoy. Why does He want us to enjoy so much? Because we are His children. So next time you open your eyes, look at the colors around you and thank Earth's Painter for everything you can see.