Monday, June 20, 2011

Unniversary, Year 2

Well, happy Unniversary, Cowboy! It's been a year since we were supposed to be married.

What has happened in that time, now that I think about it:

1. The Cowboy went to Alaska, and, after a fantastic number of trials and tribulations, he's doing... ...okay. Environmental conditions are favorable, but the housing conditions are not so much. We will see what happens. We take it day by day and deal with each thing that comes up. The weather, however, is much nicer than it is down here, by normal standards. Not by my standards, because I think it's obvious to you that I prefer a wet, raining climate. But Southern Alaska is warm and sunny this time of year. And, I am told, beautiful. Thousands of my dear fir trees. Hills and valleys. More trees.
2. I was given a (small-scale) publishing proposal and that novel is almost finished. To my utter surprise, the man who is heading up this endeavor wrote to me last night with a proposal on the NEXT book. This time a fantasy for children with lots of pictures. The best part? It requires me to create some elf costumes and procure elf ears. This is because I will be the elf in all the pictures. It all began with me earning the nickname of "The Elven Princess of the Woodlands" last week and the publisher/director had some free time to cook up a "Cora Special" story.

So as the year is reaching the halfway point, the Cowboy and I still have places to go and things to do.

Unfortunately, the places do not yet include a wedding yet.