Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Unconventional Christianity

I believe in an unconventional Christianity when it comes to "God's will." I say unconventional, because every time I talk about my view to someone, they say, "Woah... I didn't think about it like that." Basically, it's like this:

You can't do God's will on your own. You are his vessel. The potter's clay doesn't up and make itself a pot on its own with directions from the potter. That's ridiculous! The potter forms the pot all by himself while the clay is soft and yields to his hands.

Yield. The word is more than the traffic sign in intersections. It's the motto we must live by.

But what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Well... nothing. But it has a lot to do with discovering God's will for your life. Christians that I know spend a lot of time being anxious about discovering this "will" and then they can live the rest of their lives doing that will.

I've come to believe that you don't need to know the full plan. You don't need to spend your time worrying and losing your focus ("Maybe He wants me to do this with my life. Maybe it's this. God, tell me what You want me to do! Please? Why aren't you telling me? Are you even there? Have you abandoned me?"). You might think that's a little extreme, but I've heard many people come to the conclusion that God didn't care about them anymore. Not overnight, but over years.

So... What do we do about it? Should we just abandon faith entirely? No! Don't do that!

Take each moment by itself and keep your heart and mind yielding to the potter's hands. You don't know if you'll get zapped by lightning, hit by a meteor, or attacked by zombies in the next five minutes, so don't worry about it. Let Him worry about it. He knows all about your life, and if he cares for each sparrow, doesn't he like the masterpiece of his creation just a little bit more?

He loves you. He took all your sins and died for you.You trust Him for eternal life. You can trust Him for life in this world.

Here's your new motto: Pray, praise, and rely on HIM alone. (And remind me and all your brothers and sisters to do so, too.)