Thursday, October 14, 2010

October's Bright Blue Weather

I never thought of October as having bright blue weather, but that's what a poem I memorized for school describes. And recently we've had bright blue weather, even here in Washington State. But the gorgeous rain has returned finally. :)

News from around here has been quite unbelievable, so I will not describe it and make you all doubt my honesty. To suffice, I will say that sickness has not been lacking in our home.

Lately during my nightly Bible reading, I've been thinking about people not getting along with other people. Specifically how we should respond to someone who doesn't like us. I've been reading I Samuel. If you don't remember, let me sum up. Saul was anointed king. He went and blew it by disobeying the Lord, so Samuel anointed David to be the next king. Well, ol' David was just plain awesome, so all the fangirls were singing about how awesome he was. King Saul heard that and got jealous, so he tried to kill David.

Now. David didn't turn around and fight back. Instead, he got up and went to hide in a forest. When King Saul found him there, David fled to caves and even another country! Whenever King Saul caught up with David, David would sneak up and... cut a scrap of cloth from King Saul's robe... take a vessel of water and a spear... and then announce what he'd done and how he could have killed King Saul, but he didn't.

"Twice I have held your life in my hands, and twice I have given it back to you."

That's a line from a movie, but that's what David did, essentially.

Who annoys you right now? Who really irritates you? How are you responding? David had someone trying to kill him, but he responded in a peaceful, Godly, appropriate, and even loving manner. I think that's a good role model to keep in mind.