What I Am About

THIS post about sums up most of the interesting things about me.

I have 3 brothers and more extended family (and "adopted" family) than you can shake a stick at.

And the animals:

Cuddles/Puddles/Evil Creature (the dog)
Honey Dew/Boo-boo/Boover/Blubberball/The Blimp (the yellow cat)
Smokey/Moki (the cougar-wanna-be barncat)
Joshua/Joshy/Bosheyjoy (.~*His Little Orange Majesty*~.)
Woverine (ankle-destroying menace... cat)
Jasmine/Jazzy (Goat 1)
Joanna/Jo (Goat 2)
30+ Cows, some named, most not.

This year's kids (baby goats) are due at the end of March and beginning of April.