Monday, August 31, 2009

Aaaah... Twilight.

On Friday, I gave Twilight a try. The book, not the movie. I have several reactions to the first hundred pages, which I struggled to get through and scrapped the book after that.

Reaction #1: From a writer's standpoint, the voice Stephanie Meyers uses is passive. (Example: "He was looking at her." vs. the active voice - "He looked at her.") That all but drove me insane. Not completely, but it came thisclose. I toyed with the idea of counting how many times the word "was" occurred on each page. This gave me a thumb-down right off the bat.

Reaction #2: High school romantic drama. Need I say more? *gags*

Reaction #3: I fail to see how great the "hero" of this story is if he's stalking the heroine. Yes, I said stalking.

Reaction #4: Aren't vampires evil? The whole story had a darkness shadowing it, which, I think, is a main draw.

Reaction #5: Well... At least she had a Chevy truck... (I'm stretching for a good point to mention)

My vote on this book is for you to pass on it. Go find something better to read. It won't be that difficult.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Are you alive?

After reading the title, you are probably thinking that of course you are alive! You're breathing, looking at your computer screen, and possibly munching on some delicious snack (that I'm jealous of, btw... it's lunchtime...). "Yes," you assure me. "I'm alive."

But is that all?

What are you living for? Is life only about breathing, eating, sleeping, and texting? If you think it's not, then what are you doing about it? Where does your passion lie?

I believe that many people squelch this passion. I can see it in their eyes. They're living, but their soul is covered with a dark shadow. Their conversation may be deep and thought-provoking, but it's empty. Like a chocolate Kinder egg you break open and find to be empty. It is possible to be alive and still be dead.

Even Christians can be like this. They lose the passion. They become luke-warm and start to believe the lies of Satan without knowing it. We generally refer to this as "back-sliding," or reverting to the way we were before we were made clean.

I would like to challenge you to be alive right now. Pick up the Armor of God and remember who you are and who He is. Live every day, hour, minute, and thought for Him. Open yourself up to hearing His calling. That is, in one sentence, what I am getting at. Being alive does not necessarily mean to go off tomorrow and climb a mountain, swim across the ocean, or do something else that is amazing. It means to be attentive to the Lord's voice.

If you already got this memo a while ago, it doesn't hurt to be reminded. And pray for someone in your life who needs to come alive.

Be pro-life, and I don't just mean in the abortion argument. :-)

Welcome to all!

Greetings and welcome to my blog!

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