Prayer list


*The faithfulness, mercy, and grace of God!
*The faithfulness, love, and sacrifice of the Son!
*The faithfulness, peace, and comfort of the Spirit!
*Watching my Youth Group teens grow in the Lord as I help teach them!
*A loving family (both biological and the family of God)!
*The wonders of God that we see every day; every breath we take, every creature we see, every plant that grows, and every person we meet was created by Him and is a miracle!


*The Cowboy - Strength, peace, and faith as he makes decisions that will affect the rest of our lives.
*Laura - My bosom-friend and "sister" for 15 years, sick with an unknown disease for that entire time and longer. I pray for healing if that is the Lord's will, or for peace and strength for her if it is not His will.
*Allie - Another friend of 15 years who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (cancer) last week. She is Laura's grandmother.
*Arielle - Wisdom in a situation.
*Georgina - Preparing for a mission trip this summer. May God be blessed through her!
*Somer Family - Missionaries to Asia. Prayer for protection in a hostile place, prayer for success in preaching, and prayer for health for parents and children.
*Siri - She needs strength, guidance, and acceptance to follow what God has planned for her.
*Froggy's grandma - My friend "Froggy"s grandma is quite ill with cancer. Prayer for peace, strength, and comfort in her last days. And the same prayer of peace, strength, and comfort for Froggy.