Friday, March 11, 2011

Porthos the Pirate

Introducing the dashing new stranger residing in my home! His name is Porthos the Pirate, and he was given to me by the Queen of America. Those of you who get the reference are smiling right now. My friend who buys and refurbishes old machines gave it to me the other day: "Since you're like an adopted daughter to me, I've decided you must have one, and I couldn't possibly make you PAY for it since you're family!" Woah! Erm, thank you!

He is a Singer treadle sewing machine, one of 50,000 made in Elizabethport New Jersey on April 18th, 1921 (yes, 50,000 were made THAT day). That means, folks, that this is an entirely uncomputerized, non-electric sewing machine. Yay! The head (what you call the machine itself) is in great working condition, and I think the decals are to die for. :-P

It also weighs a ton. The head and the big pedal underneath are cast iron. Heaaaaaaaavy


  1. "tis lovely. We have two but ours are not that lovely. Enjoy! :)

  2. Congratulations on your lovely machine! Hooray for you!!! May it serve you very well for many years to come, Cora. :)

    I too have a treadle sewing machine, but don't have room in this house for it, so it is in storage at our old house currently. I did make several aprons, pillowcases, a nightgown and robe, and a skirt with mine many years ago and enjoyed it, mostly, except for the fact that there is NO reverse option. :)


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